Best DustBusters – Top Picks And Reviews 2018

How do you spend your Sundays when at home? Cleaning with entangled vacuum cleaners or leaving the job of cleaning at all? To give you an easy way out, we bring you the top most, reliable and best Dustbusters aka Vacuum Cleaners, which can sort your problems out just with their easy to hold and carry designs.

Best Dustbusters For 2018

Here we have provided the best Dustbusters’ reviews, guides for tips to buy along with a comparison chart to help you pick the right one for yourself.

If you want to go for the best one, we would recommend you the Black and Decker CHV1510 15.6 Volt Lithium Cordless Cyclonic Dustbuster, as it will reach even the inaccessible places of your room. It also works equally well on carpets and floors too!

Thinking about a premium quality handheld vacuum cleaner? Go for Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum. Best suited for heavy usage and feasible even when your children and pets are around!

Top 2 Lightweight Dustbusters

Looking for easy to handle and portable Dustbusters? Have a look at these two!

Best Dustbusters in Terms of Portability and Ease of Use

Hoover Air BH52160PC: Quite lightweight and preferred for not just its quality but even for the looks! Equipped with three different nozzles, it helps you avoid any trouble while cleaning.

Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo: Another lightweight and portable vacuum, giving you one hour to clean up the mess around your room. Provides versatility in performance and suitable for almost every floor surface.

Best DustBuster Reviews:


Battery Life

Black+Decker CHV1510
Black+Decker CHV1510

Dimensions : 8 x 14.3 x 5.5 inches
Battery Life : 45 minutes
Weight : 3.2 pounds
Warranty : 2 years
Rating: 4.0/5

Dyson V6 Absolute
Dyson V6 Absolute

Dimensions : 9.8 x 8.2 x 46.4 inches
Battery Life : 20 minutes
Weight : 5.1 pounds
Warranty : 2 years
Rating: 4.4/5

Hoover Air BH52160PC
Hoover Air BH52160PC

Dimensions : 17.5 x 4.2 x 4.8 inches
Battery Life : 15 minutes
Weight : 2.1 pounds
Warranty : 5 years
Rating: 4.1/5

Dyson DC34
Dyson DC34

Dimensions : 4.4 x 12.7 x 8.1 inches
Battery Life : 15 minutes
Weight : 1 pounds
Warranty : 2 years
Rating: 4.5/5

Bissell 28806
Bissell 28806

Dimensions : 8.2 x 12.8 x 43.5 inches
Battery Life : 60 minutes
Weight : 4 pounds
Warranty : 1 years
Rating: 4.2/5

#1 Recommendation: Black and Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster

Black and Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster

Black and Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster is the topmost pick of the year for the impressive design it carries along with the easy access even to the inaccessible areas of your home. Also, it has been considered as #1 bestseller even by Amazon!


The wide-mouth design of the vacuum makes it reach even the difficult areas of your place where large debris has accumulated due to inaccessibility. Its rotating and sleek nozzle allows you to scoop up larger bits and pieces from very tight places of your room. Also, it is pretty easy to clean the vacuum because of the removable and washable dirt bowl it is equipped with.

Its 3-stage filtration gives you less clogging and cleaner air exhaust. Moreover, the vacuum uses Nickel-Cadmium batteries which are rechargeable as well as recyclable. The best part of Black and Decker CHV1510 is that it doesn’t give you a backache while cleaning as it helps you maintain a straight and comfortable posture during the job.

Size and Weight

It is convenient to use this dustbuster, owing to its lightweight and easy portability. You can comfortably store it the way you like, i.e., it can be kept anywhere vertically, horizontally and can also be mounted on the wall of your room. Its slim look inevitably makes it the first choice for all.


Available with a 2-year warranty period, the Black and Decker CHV1510 proves to be quite cost-effective, considering the features it offers. Active in the market of dustbusters since last 30 years, Black and Decker has bought a revolutionary change in the features that its chain of dustbusters provides. Well-suited for the 21st-century use with strong suction power and an impressive design at a very reasonable price.


  • Wide-mouth facilitates easy and hasty cleaning
  • Removable and washable dirt bowl
  • Good for tight spaces


  • Takes 24 hours to charge
  • Difficult to remove pet fur from the dustbin/dirt chamber

#2 Recommendation: Dyson V6 Absolute Dustbuster

Dyson V6 Absolute Dustbuster

After Black and Decker, if you want to go for a premium cordless handheld vacuum, you can opt to go for this one. Rated among the Top 10 on Amazon, the Dyson V6 Absolute Dustbuster indeed offers you the desired results.


Equipped with two cleaner heads which drive the bristles deeper into the carpet to give you a perfect cleaning experience, Dyson V6 is a cordless handheld vacuum with a powerful suction. There is no need for you to unravel its cord, plug in, and keep stretching it unnecessarily everywhere with you.

It uses patented 2-tier Radial cyclones and provides almost 6 minutes of higher suction for many difficult tasks. Additionally, its HEPA filtration system ensures that the air which comes out of the vacuum is far cleaner than the air you breathe.

Size and Weight

Due to the inbuilt single-battery, its lightweight makes it a hassle-free product for use. Designed specifically for hard floors, you can easily get the fine dust removed from the floor as well as get the pet hair and any other sort of large debris off your carpet.

Easy to empty with just a push of a button and offers wall-docking feature too. With just 3.5 hours of recharge-duration, it is one of the most optimal choices among others.


Though it has a hefty price tag attached to it but with the amazing features it provides and one of the best handheld dustbuster reviews that it has received from the users, it is surely worth going for. The several additional cleaning tools customized according to the varied cleaning needs of the user also make it a good option to buy.


  • HEPA filtration system ensures clean air
  • Easy to handle and quite portable
  • Quite versatile


  • Less dust capacity
  • Expensive

#3 Recommendation: Hoover Air BH52160PC Dustbuster

Hoover Air BH52160PC Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Powered by Lithium Life Battery Technology, the Hoover Air BH52160PC Dustbuster gives quick clean-up with powerful performance and versatility.


Designed for both, the floor as well as the carpet, this lightweight dustbuster is pretty easy to maneuver even in the congested areas of your room. Also, its WindTunnel 2 Technology ensures the cleaning up of even the deep down dirt accumulated in the crevices of your furniture.

Available with a 5-year warranty period, this Hoover’s device is sure-shot to win your trust with its cordless feature, making it convenient to use for everyday dusting. Moreover, it has a multi-floor electrical brush roll that switches instantly from carpet to hard floor and vice-versa, just to a button’s touch.

Size and Weight

With a weight of just 2.1 lbs, it is quite convenient to carry the vacuum anywhere with you while cleaning the house. It is pretty easy to carry upstairs or downstairs due to its lightweight. Also, owing to its cordless design, it is quite portable, and its three different nozzles are enough to avoid any trouble while cleaning.


Compared to the luxuries it offers to its users, it is one of the best cleaning devices to buy. At a very low price, you can expect ten times better performance in comparison to its contemporaries.


  • Easy to use in tight spaces
  • Lightweight
  • 5-year warranty


  • Takes 9 hours to charge
  • Difficult to find the replacement for the filter

#4 Recommendation: Dyson DC34 Dustbuster

Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum

If you want to save your precious time in finding the best dustbuster, then I would suggest you go for Dyson D34, yet another product from Dyson. The brand is not going to let you down at all!


One of the best dustbusters in the market, the Dyson DC34 is equipped with such powerful motor that it can provide you the results three times better and faster than the other regular motors, thus saving you a lot of time for other important tasks. It uses a 22.2V Lithium-ion battery which releases the charge evenly.

Also, just similar to the other Dyson models, it comes with a bag-less cyclon ve technology for greater suction power. You can get the device at a 2-year warranty period and avail the highest suction than any other handheld dustbuster.

Size and Weight

An appealing feature of this small vacuum is its weight which is just 2.9 pounds in comparison to most others that weigh around 5 pounds or more, thus restricting their portability. The machine it uses is distributed in balanced weight, and several customers have also echoed the reviews.


Though it is a bit expensive, you get what you pay for.


  • Quite powerful motor
  • Motorised brush ensures easy cleaning
  • Very lightweight


  • Hefty price tag attached

#5 Recommendation: Bissell 28806 Dustbuster

Bissell 28806 Dustbuster

Equally good for rugs, carpets, and floor clean-up, the Bissell 28806 handheld dustbuster has made to the list of top 5 for it offers several amazing qualities and features.


The 7.2-volt power gives a commendable 60 minutes of cordless cleaning time which is not available in its contemporaries, even the expensive ones. Designed for carpets, rugs, and the floors, its battery powered rotating brush can easily sweep up the entire debris with a very little effort.

Moreover, it is equipped with a top-loading container which is pretty easy to remove. It works well with almost all types of debris, and therefore, you can certainly opt for this one.

Size and Weight

Its 4 pounds weight, and portable design makes it suitable for use even by your kids! It can be used to pick up even pet hair, threads from the clothing, small as well as large debris. Its lightweight ensures that it is quick and easy to push while cleaning up the mess.


When you are getting an uninterrupted cleaning time of complete one hour and that too not noisy at the same time, it is certainly the best bet to go for! Just rightly priced for the quality it offers.


  • 1 hour cleaning period
  • Easily removable dirt container
  • Works on almost all types of floor surfaces


  • Two-sided brush gives it a flimsy look
  • Back wheels go up when taken in reverse

Types of Dustbusters

Depending on the purpose and use, dustbusters are available with various features, functions, and tools. From the main types of dustbusters mentioned below, you can always choose the one as per your requirement.

Upright Dustbusters:

They offer most power as compared to the other types of vacuums, and they are great for cleaning up the carpets of your room. However, few models of upright vacuums are also helpful in removing the mess even from the bare floors.

Canister Dustbusters:

This type of vacuum has a canister and a wand attached to it which can be used for vacuuming. Though they are more expensive than the other types of vacuums but they are best to use on any carpet and even on the bare floor.

Stick Dustbusters:

These come with less suction power; however, they are quite lightweight and hence, provide ease of use. The appearance of its handle makes it look like a stick. These are best suited for cleaning light carpeting and bare floors.

Handheld Dustbusters:

As the name suggests, handheld dustbusters are those which you hold in your hand while cleaning. These are the modern versions of traditional vacuums as they provide the ease of use not just in your car but inside your rooms too.

Handheld vacuums are gaining a lot of popularity these days, and they are available in various forms, e.g., corded-cordless, bagged-bagless, with or without certain tools, etc. You must pick one according to your intended purpose.

Types of Handheld Dustbusters

Gaining a lot of recognition nowadays, the handheld dustbuster is a real effort-reducing cleaning device combined with convenience and ease of use. These are designed according to the purpose for which they are to be used.

Generally, handheld dustbusters are used for cleaning the vehicles; however, these can also be used for removing the debris from your home. The handheld dustbusters are of various types, and you must choose one according to your need:

Corded Handheld Vacuum:

If you want a longer cleaning duration where you can work on several rooms and even the staircase, you can opt for a corded handheld dustbuster. The only thing that you must bear in mind is that as these dustbusters are not battery-powered.

You should use them where there is an availability of plug-in outlets. For this reason, they are not at all portable as compared to their cordless version.

Cordless Handheld Vacuum:

Contrary to the corded vacuums, the cordless ones are pretty portable as they do not require any plug-in outlet to use them. These are equipped with a powerful battery system and hence, are chargeable.

You can take them anywhere with you once they are fully charged. However, as they provide a runtime ranging between 10 minutes to 1 hour, these are not suitable for cleaning up the whole house. Instead, these are best-suited for small areas, vehicles, etc.

Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum:

It is best for cleaning up the liquid spills on almost any sort of surface, be it a carpet or a bare floor. Even if you want to pull up the moisture from underneath the carpet, going for a wet dry vacuum is the best bet.

Bagged Handheld Vacuum:

This type of vacuum comes with a bag which fits into a cloth section that zips around the bag that can easily be removed and replaced whenever the bag is full. Because the entire debris gets closed in the bag, this type of vacuum is considered to be a hygienic one. The bag functions as a filter which makes the vacuum quite safe for those who are allergy sufferers.

Bagless Handheld Vacuum:

These are less expensive and quite easy to maintain as compared to their counterpart. There is no dearth of people who are using bagless vacuums these days for the comfort they offer. You don’t need to keep buying bags to use this device, and therefore, they are a cut on the cost.

Additionally, bagless vacuums are very eco-friendly because you can empty the dirt chamber straight into your compost bin. For these reasons, it is quite popular among the consumers now.

How To Buy The Best Dustbuster

As the dustbusters are a great way to reduce your effort of cleaning up the mess in your house, before going to purchase a dustbuster, you must go through the various features and functions it provides. Few of the main factors that you should consider are:

Corded or Cordless:

It is totally up to your need as to which type of dustbuster you can go for. Generally, as the corded models come with 20 feet long wire, they are easy to carry and give you enough freedom of space. But they don’t use battery power.

Therefore, it becomes impossible to carry them with you to those places where there is no power socket. On the other hand, cordless models come with battery system and hence, are quite portable.


Before buying a handheld vacuum, it is imperative to look for its weight as it is a very important factor that can help you in buying the most suitable vacuum for yourself. In fact, one of the main reasons for choosing the vacuums is the level of convenience they give.

You should not feel burdened at all while holding up the vacuum in your hands. Thus, in order to manoeuvre it and reach even to the most congested spaces in your room, it is better if you go for the one which is lightweight and convenient to use.

Dirt Chamber:

Few models come with a small dirt chamber while others offer you enough space to collect the debris inside the vacuum. You should see to it while buying a dustbuster for yourself that you go for the one which has a large dirt chamber and also, which can be emptied easily without a mess.

Battery Life:

Another very crucial factor in determining the suitable vacuum for use is the runtime it provides. Many dustbusters take a very long time to recharge but when it, comes to performance, they just run for a few odd minutes. So, if you are spending 24 hours to charge the vacuum, you must get its benefit in a reasonable proportion.

Recharge Time:

The time it takes for a vacuum to get recharged must also be considered while choosing the one. Many models of handheld vacuums take a charging period of 24 hours; however, they do not perform accordingly. Also, if you want to clean a big area, you cannot keep charging it after every few minutes.

Noise Level:

Nobody wants to get disturbed with a noisy cleaning early in the morning. A lot of handheld vacuums are available now which are less to non-noisy. So, if you want a quiet cleaning spree, you must check this feature too.


One of the major determinants that help you decide the best vacuum is the portability factor. If you cannot carry it with you anywhere and it is designed to be utilised just inside a limited area, you must think before purchasing it. However, it all rests on your intended purpose of buying a vacuum.

Additional Tools:

Companies generally offer you various tools which are supplementary to the vacuum you buy. Based on your needs, you can make a decision as to which dustbuster gives you the best performance.

If you have anyone home who is allergic, it is better to go for the model that is equipped with HEPA filtration. Also, if you have pets at home, you should look for the one that offers you the suitable brushes to remove their hair from the carpet.


Considering the various factors, features, functions, performance, and according to the best handheld dustbuster reviews from the customers, we have tried to give you detailed information of the best dustbusters currently available in the market.

You must need to notice the purpose for which you require a vacuum, i.e., whether you want it for using inside the whole house or you are looking for something which can reduce your workload within a small and limited area.

A dustbuster is designed to offer you the convenience and not to increase your efforts. Therefore, we hope that the list given above regarding the best handheld dustbusters can help you a great deal in finalizing your decision to bring home the desired and the most suited one for you. All the very best!