Best DustBuster For Hardwood Floors – Top Picks And Reviews 2018

Shopping for the best dustbuster for wood floors is a tricky job. Hardwood floors need special care to keep them shining good as new always. Ignorance regarding the right vacuum can spoil your hardwood floor beyond repair.

With the vacuum market being flooded with innumerable varieties of vacuums, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. From the canister and upright models, corded and cordless to bag and bagless models, you have too many choices that can stop you in your tracks.

This guide is intended to clear all your doubts regarding the best vacuum to buy for your home. It will help you identify the features you want for your home so that you can arrive at an informed decision regarding the perfect vacuum in terms of features, price, and performance.

Why do you need vacuum cleaner designed especially for hardwood?

Vacuums available in the market now are designed to cater to specific cleaning needs of customers. While some have carpeted floors, others have hardwood, or bare floors and a few others have a combination of all three.

A vacuum for carpets is not as effective on the hardwood, but you do get vacuums that work effectively on all types of floors. However, when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, you need to take special care.

Hardwood floors are great to look at and add value to your property but require meticulous maintenance. Even a single scratch or stain can mar their look. Hence, maintaining them in pristine condition with the right hardwood cleaner is important.

What special features does a hardwood vacuum have?

While the basic vacuum design and suction power are the same as in other vacuums, hardwood vacuums are light in weight and have features that enable effective cleaning of wooden floors.

  • The suction setting can be adjusted either automatically or manually to suit the hardwood cleaning.
  • One important feature to look for is the brush roll turns off feature because if the bristles are not of fine quality, they can scratch the floor.
  • Further, rubber wheels in the vacuum help prevent scratches as you move it across the floor.

Here is a list of upright, canister, and stick models for hardwood floors under $250 to help you choose the right one.

Best DustBusters For Hardwood Floors



Shark Rocket HV382
Shark Rocket HV382

Dimensions : 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches
Weight : 9.9 pounds
Warranty : Lifetime
Rating: 4.6/5

Bissell PowerEdge 81L2T
Bissell PowerEdge 81L2T

Dimensions : 10.6 x 11.3 x 43.3 inches
Weight : 7.5 pounds
Warranty : 1 year
Rating: 4.2/5

Dyson V8 Absolute
Dyson V8 Absolute

Dimensions : 9.9 x 8.9 x 49 inches
Weight : 5.8 pounds
Warranty : 2 years
Rating: 4.6/5

Hoover Linx BH50010
Hoover Linx BH50010

Dimensions : 10.6 x 8 x 25 inches
Weight : 12 pounds
Warranty : 2 years
Rating: 4.1/5

Rowenta Delta Force RH8551
Rowenta Delta Force RH8551

Dimensions : 11 x 10 x 47 inches
Weight : 7.5 pounds
Warranty : 1 year
Rating: 4.1/5

#Recommendation 1: Shark Rocket HV382 Vacuum

Shark Rocket Vacuum HV382

The DuoClean corded HV382 model for wood floors is a versatile vacuum that does not stop with cleaning hardwood floors, but does a neat work on stairs, above floor spaces and pile carpets too.

The Duo Clean tech enables this amazing feat effortlessly. It removes big sized debris, smaller particles trapped in the cracks, and the fine dust particles that cling tenaciously to the surface.

The Shark is the best dustbuster for hardwood floors as it features synchronized brushes that spin and clean all types of dust and debris. While the usual brush roll feature spews up larger dirt particles all around, the Shark duo clean uses two spin rollers - one at the front and another at the rear.

The roller in the front has thick bristles that suck up large bits and dust and hold them inside while the rear one with long and stiff bristles clears off the stubborn debris in the carpet pile or cracks.

The corded stick model is ergonomically designed to clean above floor, rugs, and other floor surfaces with aplomb. The inexpensive price and easy to handle weight make it a very popular hardwood cleaner.

Important features include swivel steering, LED headlights, handheld convertible, and filters that can be washed easily. The dirt cup is extra-large, allowing more time for cleaning before having to empty the cup. The long cord of about 30 feet further makes it ideal for cleaning larger spaces easily.


  • Suction power is consistent on all types of floors
  • LED headlights give enhanced visibility
  • Dirt cup is easy to remove and clean


  • The vacuum will not stand on its own. It has to be laid down or supported against some furniture
  • Heavy weight at 9.9 pounds

#Recommendation 2: BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2A Corded Vacuum

The 812LT from Bissell is a hard wood floor cleaner ideal for homes with pets. The stick vacuum is of corded variety and offers an affordable and efficient cleaning performance.

It does a great job on pet hair, debris, and dirt particles of all sizes both on wood and bare floors. It is also effective on low pile carpets and rugs.

Some of the outstanding features of the PowerEdge from Bissell include high power suction, V-shaped vacuum head with swivel, rubberized wheels, and a dirt cup that is easy to empty and clean.

The swivel feature makes it easy to clean around and under furniture. The assembly is easy and quick. The bagless vacuum is a light weight model weighing 7.5 pounds, so you can handle the vacuum effortlessly, without worrying about the physical strain of lugging around the vacuum during longer cleaning spells.

The wipers on the vacuum head are designed to attract pet hair and debris with the rubber material, which acts powerfully in addition to the suction.


  • Used mainly for hard wood floors and to some extent on plush or medium pile carpeting
  • Cleaning is easy along walls, crevices, and corners


  • Does not clean all surfaces, so cannot be used for entire house cleaning
  • Filters should be cleaned frequently to maintain suction
  • No provision is present for attachments or hose
Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Review

The V8 Absolute cordless stick model vacuum is the latest vacuum design of Dyson. When compared to the earlier Dyson V6 model, this vacuum is the best handheld vacuum for hardwood floors as it has 150% more suction power in its direct floor brush.

The run time is increased to around 40 minutes and 25 minutes when using the motorized brush for floor cleaning. The Dyson V8 has full HEPA filter and a lifetime washable filter.

The dirt cup capacity has also been increased and can hold .14 gallon. The emptying mechanism is easy. You have to just press the release tab in red color located on the top.

The tab trips trap door and lift the cyclonic suction apparatus, removing any pet hair, stuck debris, and carpet fibers easily. This emptying mechanism avoids annoying dust puffs and cleaning the dirt cup manually. This hands-off mechanism is ideal for those with dust allergies.

The soft roller with the motorized feature is perfect for hardwood floor cleaning. It captures large dirt chunks and traps them in the bristles and rotates them backward, so the nozzle fully sucks them. This design prevents blowing of dirt and debris that is normally seen in the regular powered brushes.


  • It is very light in weight at just 5.8 pounds
  • It can be converted to handheld model for vacuuming stairs and furniture


  • Runtime is low at just 25 minutes, so cannot be used as a primary cleaner
  • The other attachments are not as effective as the attachment for hardwood floor

#Recommendation 4: Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Linx BH50010 is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor with its extensive and outstanding features. The vacuum features Wind Tunnel bagless technology, making vacuuming stress free.

The 18 volt inter-changeable Lithium battery provides consistent power. The vacuum has automatic height adjustment for convenient cleaning.

Other excellent features the vacuum boasts of include motorized brush roll used for carpet cleaning, which can be flipped off while cleaning hardwood floors and the soft wheel treads that prevent scratches on the floor.

The vacuum nozzle is 11 inches in width. It is easy to access under furniture and easy to maneuver as well. The bristles for edge cleaning help cleaning close to the baseboard. The suction works well on low pile and area rugs in addition to hardwood floors.


  • It is light in weight
  • The vacuum has strong suction power


  • The cleaning of dirt cup, filter, and baffle tube is very difficult
  • Does not stand up straight and falls over easily

#Recommendation 5: Rowenta RH8551 Delta Force Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The RH8551 Delta Force light weight vacuum from German manufacturer Rowenta is a cordless model designed for hard wood floors, mats, rugs, and low pile carpets.

Unique features include semi-triangular shape of the brush head and motorized brush roll. The triangular shape prevents blowing around debris when the vacuum is operated.

Brush roll feature for carpet can be switched off while cleaning hardwood floors. The product weighs just 7.5 pounds, making it light weight and easy to handle.

Dirt cup can hold 33 ounces and empties by a push button mechanism. The foam filter is washable. The vacuum is powered by an 18 volt Lithium battery.


  • It has a convenient to use ergonomic design
  • It is apt for cleaning small spaces or just a few rooms at a time


  • It is expensive
  • Not intended for whole house vacuuming


The above list of best hard wood floor vacuum gives you all the important features you need to look for in a hardwood vacuum. With the right features, keeping your hardwood floors shining will not be a burdensome task anymore.

Further, having a versatile multi purpose vacuum like the Shark duo clean should be considered as this eliminates the need for more than one vacuum.

However, if you are looking for exceptional hardwood cleaning features, purchasing a vacuum that is perfect for hardwood cleaning is the best choice.

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